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Kiln Dried Logs - the natural energy resource

Consumers are increasingly turning to sustainable wood in the search for environmentally friendly renewable energy resources.

The benefits of kiln dried wood are considerable:

Generates greater heat output
Better fuel efficiency
More economical
Minimum stove and flue problems
Kindling - Ideal for lighting open fires, multi-fuel stoves, barbeques and fire pits

For every tree cut down, five more are planted. Kindling wood is made from smaller trees that are felled to make room for the other trees to have more light and grow bigger - so basically its part of the natural management of sustainable woodland.

Kiln dried to approximately 10% moisture content.
Red Diesel Andover Kiln Dried Logs
Gerrish Fuels Kiln Dried Logs
Gerrish Fuels Kindling Wood
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Winterbourne Stoke
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Pick your own logs at the Paddock Filling Station - e.g, 35 logs at just 10

Kiln dried hardwood logs 6 each or 4 for £20

Woodchipper at the Paddock Filling Station with the possibility of undertaking small works.